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Well. That last post seems pretty hard to top. But things must keep moving here lest you think I’m a completely lame and inane father incapable of speaking other than to mention the bowel movements of my child.

Alas and alack. The Internet goes on. So. Here is an advert for being on the internet, from Google India. I like it.

Snakes on a plane

Life imitating art. Just like Palin’s VP nomination could eventually imitate the plotline from “Commander in Chief” where an aging president dies having chosen a young, underqualified, female VP candidate who has to take the reigns unprepared. 

Scary if you’re on an Air India flight – or an American.

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Snake slips onto Air India flight

Crew on an Air India passenger jet discovered a snake coiled up under a seat and were unable to catch it as it slithered around the plane, the airline said today.

The snake was disturbed during a routine check on the Air India A319 aircraft, which had landed at Delhi airport after a domestic flight from Srinagar.

It evaded capture by slipping into an air vent and could not be found even when staff unscrewed panels inside the fuselage, opened all the doors and fumigated the plane.

“There was commotion which scared the snake and it went further inside,” an airport official was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.

Reports that the snake was a venomous cobra were denied by an Air India spokesman.

“The aircraft was parked at Delhi airport for maintenance purposes. There was a snake but not a cobra,” he said.

“We have no details of what kind of a snake it was, or where it is now. We have taken up this matter with Delhi airport authorities.”

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