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Urban Speaker is art that lets you shout it in the streets

Dial a number. Harrangue a crowd. Fun when you’re tucked up in bed and want to feel like you’re out on the streets. This is the premise of Urban Speaker.

“The Urban Speaker resembles construction signage and blends in with its urban surroundings. It consists of a tripod with an amplified loudspeaker, smartphone, battery and a traffic sign. The signage instructs passersby to dial a phone number to speak in public. Users who place the call get an automatic answer and can speak their mind for sixty seconds after which the call is terminated. A QR (Quick Response) barcode on the sign allows some mobile phones to instantly access the urbanspeaker.mobi website for location, event and other details as well as quick dialing of the installation’s phone.”

Before I die: I’d like to make some cool interactive art like this

Take one abandoned building. Paint it with blackboard paint. Provide chalk. And a prompter for discussing a serious issue. Record the responses. And you have modern art.

If people are answering truthfully – and there’s really no reason to lie in a forum like this – then it’s an interesting insight into what people care about.

I wonder if responses change based on the socio-economic demographic of the location. I assume so.

I’m not sure why there’s a pirate here. Or what he’s writing. “Tried for pi…”

More info about the project at Candy Chang.

Building Utopia: An artistic exercise in inappropriate literalism

Rory Macbeth, an artist, thought building Thomas More’s Utopia was such a brilliant concept he decided to take it somewhat literally. He spray painted every single word of the hundred page novel on this condemned building.