Kick out the jam

I’ve mentioned GraphJam before. It’s a fun site. It has funny graphs. Now it has a graph that I made. I’m unsure whether I think it’s funny or not. Making graphs for GraphJam proved to be particularly easy. You can do it here. If you do, and send me a copy, I’ll post it under mine. We’ll have a GraphJam jam. If you made a graph about jam we could have a jam GraphJam jam.


Sarah Palin is kind of starting to make sense as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate – she is the complete opposite of Barack Obama. It’s a race of binary oppositions – he’s a black, she’s white, he’s a man, she’s a woman, he’s allegedly a fundamentalist muslim, she’s allegedly a fundamentalist Christian, she’s a republican, he’s a democrat – and the clincher he’s a master of the english language and oratory – she’s barely an apprentice. 

Her interviews with TV networks have been heavily regulated – and here’s why – a mapping out of her sentences – and then the chance to conduct your own interview* with Sarah Palin based on actual interview answers she’s given. 

*In the “Choose your own adventure” novel sense…

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