An open invitation to people who are awesomely skilled

Dear people who are awesome,

I would have sent you an individual email but copying and pasting takes too long…

I had this cool idea. I’ve been thinking about fun “guest” like series to do on my blog – I like when other blogs I read feature people in Q&A type settings. And I’d like to try this to see if I can turn it into a regular segment.

I have tentatively titled this idea “Mad Skillz Week” but that’s a dumb name and it won’t last.

I want you – dear friend and reader – to supply me with a list of five tips to do with your speciality or passion. I don’t really care what this is – but I have some ideas for each of you if you aren’t capable of original thought (which you are, which is why I am approaching you).

The posts that come from this will go like this – lets, for example – pretend you are really good at scrapbooking (but please don’t do something that boring)… in most cases I’m approaching you based on the fact that you have interesting careers or hobbies (perhaps you’re an animator, a graphic designer, an opera singer, a songwriter, a roller hockey international, an editor, a poet, a student, or perhaps you write parody songs).

Mad Skillz Week: Scrapbooking

I will write an amusing intro about you, about your blog and possibly about how I know you (if we’ve met in real life which in all but two cases from this mass email we have).

You will supply an intro to your topic. Perhaps about how when you first started scrapbooking it changed your life. And hopefully you’ll establish your credentials as an “expert” – though because you’re all humble Christian soldiers I will have to be unhumble on your behalf…

Then you will provide your five best tips for this “mad skill”

My Five best tips for Scrapbooking

1. Buy a good scrapbook.
2. Use good glue.
3. Express your personality.
4. I really don’t know about scrapbooking.
5. This item left intentionally blank.

Then you could put in a little bit of a conclusion sentence about how following these tips will change your life. It would be great if there are things that other people who do the same thing that you do that really annoy you – I suggest ranting about those in your list.

Anyway. I’m thinking this is a bit like Ben’s Show and Tell so it’s not a truly original idea. Here are some reasons you should take part.

1. You’ll get a link to your blog.
2. You’ll get to look smart.
3. People might like to learn from your advice.
4. I’m trying to learn the Hebrew alphabet.
5. I don’t really have as much time available to blog as normal because I’m using the internet via my mobile.

All you need to do to take part is email me a subject, a list of five tips and your opening and closing sentences. My email address is nm dot campbell at gmail dot com.


I’m sure you remember David Thorne – even if his name isn’t immediately familiar. He’s the guy who tried to pay an outstanding debt with a spider drawing. He’s back. This time inviting himself to a neighbour’s housewarming after he received this note in his letterbox:

I won’t spoil it for you, but this is one of my favourite bits from the lengthy exchange of emails:

“Once, I went to a party in a bear outfit which worked out well as it was freezing and I was the only one warm. As it won’t be cold the night of your party, I have decided to come as a Ninja. I think it would be really good if you dressed as a ninja as well and we could perform a martial arts display for the other guests. I have real swords and will bring them. If you need help with your costume let me know, I have made mine by wrapping a black t-shirt around my face with a hooded jacket and cut finger holes in black socks for the gloves. I do not have any black pants so will spray paint my legs on the night.

It is a little hard to breath in the costume so I will need you to keep the window open during the party to provide good air circulation. Actually, I just had a thought, how awesome would it be if I arrived ‘through’ the window like a real ninja. We should definitely do that. I just measured the distance between our balconies and I should be able to jump it. I once leaped across a creek that was over five metres wide and almost made it.”

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