A lightbulb moment

Cardboard tube fighting is so passe. All the tough guys are now taking their sporting conflict to the streets with fluorescent tubes. At least in Japan.

Once, at work, after replacing a dead bulb I thought it would be fun to swing the old tube around and ended up whacking it on the big bin outside. They shatter like crazy. I can’t imagine this being good for one’s health.

Some of the pictures at this link are a little disturbing. This is the least disturbing of the bunch.


Good news for bad brands

A study profiling relationships between 21 countries – coincidentally the 21 countries in the map above – has revealed that while all the usual suspects are still generally disliked worldwide, yesterday’s rogue state is today’s favourite son. Germany, who surely would not have scored this well in the 1940s, is the world’s most popular country according to the BBC  survey measuring populace sentiment in each of the 21 countries.

If Germany can hit the top spot there’s hope yet for Iran, Israel and Pakistan. This year’s losers.

Japan’s  top for finish is further proof that World War 2 is truly behind us. 

If these countries can recover market perception in this way there’s still hope for brands that have lost face with the general public. Perhaps Nestle* or other evil brands will find themselves clawing up the charts if they do what Germany and Japan did  – stop being evil. 

The Obama brand also had a minor effect on the US ratings. It will be interesting to see how much movement there is on that front next year. 

*I don’t know if Nestle is still evil, I just couldn’t think of anybody worse.

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