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How Japanese knives are made

If I were to become rich and famous I would buy nice watches and nice knives. You can take your nice cars and put them in your nice garages… knives and watches. Cutting stuff into paper thin pieces and telling the time while looking classy. That’s what my life as a rich person would look like.

I’m not likely to become either, so I’ll settle for the cheapo knock-off fob watch that I bought in the Turkish Bazaar this week, and my Thai Kiwi knives bought over the internet for $7 a pop.

But Japanese knives are the cutting edge of knife technology. And this article shows how they’re made. In pictures.

“A piece of hard steel will provide the razor-sharp edge Sakai’s knives are famous for, and a piece of soft ferrite, containing more carbon, will prevent the knife from breaking. A combination not unlike reinforced concrete, where the concrete provides resistance to compression while the iron grid prevents the material from breaking when pulled.”

Knives made this way retail for $400 Euros a pop.