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Plumbing the depths

Joe the Plumber became a national hero for the Republicans for having a go at Obama while he was on the campaign trail. He became a Republican icon, joining McCain on the campaign trail to provide an “everyman” touch. He got himself a nice little book deal in the process.

Apparently he’s not overly impressed with the republicans – that’s the problem with loose cannons. Friendly fire hurts.

“The Republicans didn’t put out a candidate for us to really vote for. It’s the lesser of two evils. When you get to that level, you’ve compromised your principles, you’ve compromised your values so often and you owe your soul to whatever special interest group or lobbyist has padded your campaign finances and everything else that you no longer are your own man. So you can no longer stand on your own feet because they’ve been cut out from underneath you years ago.”

That came from this radio interview – where he talks up Palin, plans to start a watchdog group, and gets into some nitty gritty political science.

Well, you know, it really depends on the other 2/3 of Americans that didn’t vote, Glenn. They are so disenfranchised with the political system currently, they don’t feel they have a voice or that their vote even counts. So they stay home on election day. It really depends on them people, if they are going to actually get off their duff and become educated and get involved.

Two thirds of Americans didn’t vote? I can only assume he’s talking about registered voters. And two thirds of them voted – by all estimates – the compilation of results doesn’t actually get released officially until the 15th.

I guess there’s a PR lesson in here – if you’re going to spruik an ally for their harranguing of the opposition you better make sure they’re actually on your side. Your enemy’s enemy is not necessarily your friend afterall.