A night at the football

We went to the Fury game last night. And despite what Joel says about football there is something thrilling about a tight, low scoring game that isn’t really decided until the final whistle.

And there’s something beautiful about a player who knows the rules gazumping a pack of whingers who don’t…

Robbie Fowler is a class player. Tim was going to post this video too – I don’t think he has yet…

Morning is broken

Like Joel, I’m not a morning person. I hate mornings. I hate waking up. I hit snooze three times before I do. I get to work later than my colleagues – some of whom are here before I even wake up. I can’t start the day without a coffee – but that’s the same if I get up after 10am.

The Geek Dad blog at has a great ten tips for people who struggle to get up in the morning. One of which is to put your alarm over the other side of the room so you get up when it goes off. I’m all for that – especially if it means I take into account the 20 minutes of “snooze” I have every morning and set my alarm later. Here’s why:

“The thing is, snoozing sucks. It’s low-quality sleep that doesn’t leave you feeling restful in any way. My groggy brain is not rational enough in the a.m. to understand this. So there is no alarm on my bedside table.”

Wombat stew

Joel – long time commenter round these parts – has – in a stroke of genius – decided to keep his blog running post PNG prac trip. It’s quite good even if it is written with the smug sense of superiority that comes from being a fully qualified doctor of medicine. It’s called wombat rock and you’ll find it here. Here’s a sample from his latest post to whet your appetite…

“Americans make rubbish cars. We know it. They know it. Nobody is trying to hide it. If they weren’t such a patriotic bunch American car manufacturers would have gone out of business after one look at a Mercedes or Volkswagon, or even a Toyota or a Honda. It seems the ability to win wars is inversely proportional to the ability to make good cars.” 

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