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Bad Christian Music: Redux

So, the title of this video on YouTube promises so much, and delivers so little. It ends up being a guy using a Poker motiff and standing in a bar, singing about Jesus while wearing an awful shirt and doing bad Country Music style dancing.

Though, the country style dancing is not as bad as this country style dancing…

And I know what you’re thinking – these videos have been stripped from their original context, where it was probably ok to be dancing like a cowboy and singing about Jesus.

Well, I ask you, were these eyebrows ever ok, in context? The words are ok – but this is a Television commercial for Christianity, and that sort of facial expression has always been synonymous with “crazy”…

At the very least, he didn’t forget the words.

But what you guys really need to inspire you is a Christian boy band (as in kids – as in something like Hanson, but not)…

This is what happens when they grow up. They become a “Christian Crunk Rock Band”… called Family Force Five.

Maybe they didn’t get enough Psalty the Psinging Psalmbook, and his rhythmic dog Blooper.

Maybe we all need some Kerney Thomas, whose seemlessly redubbed televangelist programs are something to rival the Wine Barrel Church in heresy that makes you unsure whether to laugh or cry.