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Spice up your life

If you live in a cluttered kitchen you could choose to organise your spices with one of these expensive Magnetic Spice racks ($44USD).

Or you could make your own.

For more money.

Sometimes DIY isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Sing for your supper

Al Dente is the all singing, all dancing, king of the pasta pot. Chuck him in the water with your pasta and he’ll sing when it’s ready.

You can get your own little Al here – he’ll cost you three tenners.


Imagine a world where playing with your food is obligatory. When towers of biscuity goodness are limited only by the height of your roof. Are we on the same page?

Ready. Set. Go.

Swiss Army Utensils

If you want your kitchen running as efficiently as a Swatch watch – and as secure as a Swiss Bank – then perhaps you need one of these utensil holders.