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Square eggs, round wholes

You know what every cubic Caesar salad needs – along with the croutons. Square eggs. Square eggs, think about it. Life would be so much better if there wasn’t a threat of your egg rolling off your plate… you can buy your egg squarer here.

“Put warm peeled hard boiled egg in the egg cuber with the base plate flat on the bottom. Place forming plate on top of egg. Screw the top down until the egg becomes square (best results if egg cuber has been chilled). Unscrew cap and punch base plate up from the bottom with finger. Remove square egg.”

Found here.

Caveman origins

It’s somewhat fitting that I write a post about caveman tools while watching Queensland play Origin.

There’s a resurgence of "simple" designs – and it doesn’t get much simpler than the caveman… here are two kitchen implements, designed by different people, that are based on life in a cave kitchen.

You can buy that pestle thing here.

You can’t buy these knives yet, but the guy who designed them can be found here.

I found it at dezeen.com.