Under the hood

If you’re a Christian and you want to evangelise and you need convincing that being loving is the best to achieve this outcome then you need to watch this interview that Denton did with a former leader of the Klan.

If you’re either not a Christian, or already convinced that speaking the truth with love is already the way to go, then you should watch the video too…

I am fascinated by the fact that both Denton and BoingBoing (where I found it) push the guy in question’s courage when the thing that strikes me is his love for his enemies.

Let your light shine…

I’m all for “letting your light shine” for Jesus at Christmas – it’s what the Holy day is for. But this Christmas light product produced for the American market to share their “burning” desire for Jesus during the festive season will no doubt be welcomed by an altogether different sector of the community.

Klan meetings can now be called with just the flick of a switch – saves money on all that fuel, and reduces the chance of those pesky white robes catching fire.

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