Large Hadron Collider

Lego Hadron Collider: if you step on the “God particle” it hurts…

A 1:50 scale model of the Large Hadron Collider’s Atlas Detector. In Legos. Yes.

Some fun facts – the guy behind it wanted Lego to embrace the project, producing it as a kit…

“The raw materials required to the build the LHC model cost about EUR 2,000, funded by the high energy physics group to promote alternative ways of learning.

The company that builds lego bricks (trademarked in capitals as LEGO) has so far not reacted to Professor Mehlhase’s proposal to build the model.”


Perhaps this is why:

“The model is made of 9,500 lego bricks and is about 1:50 in scale. There is no construction manual yet, but there will soon be one, he says on his website. The model is very intricate, even showing the innermost pixel detector.”

There’s a gallery of construction pictures and stuff here.
It was created by the University of Copenhagen, Via thenextweb

When to use your iPhone

We all know that iPhones are the world’s most awesome piece of technology. They’re proof that God exists and wants good things for his creation. We don’t need the Large Hadron Collider. Shut it down now. Actually, wouldn’t the LHC be cool if it was controlled by iPhone. We had an Ergon person speak at a function recently and he told us they use an iPhone app to control and monitor substations in remote areas. How cool is that?


Here’s Gizmodo’s helpful iPhone usage flowchart.

LHC time travel sabotage theory gains creedence

This really is just an excuse for me to repost my photoshopped Terminator picture… but the time travel theory that was put forward a couple of weeks ago continues to seem slightly more credible with the collider’s latest piece of drama.

But the Large Hadron Collider is experiencing further technical difficulties courtesy of a bird strike – either these are remote controlled robot birds or some sort of time traveling, super evolved, intelligent birdlike creature.

This birdinator took down the LHC with a piece of bread. Cop that technology.

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