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Lego paper plane folding machine

This is incredible. Two big parts of my childhood fused together perfectly.

Via Kottke.

The building blocks of the Reformation: Luther in Lego

This Flickr set of Reformation images reconstructed using Lego comes a semester too late for me… but given that I think Luther was all for communicating truth using every available medium, I reckon he’d love this.

Canadian Space Program: One small step for man, one giant step for a Lego minifig

Some enterprising Canadian teens rigged up a Lego man, a video camera, a GPS locator, and a weather balloon, and launched the little guy 80,000 feet into space.

There’s a story on the Guardian website if you want more details, via Churchm.ag

Blocktastic advert: Minimalist Lego characters

Lego ads always give me a little thrill. These are no different. These are minimal lego cartoon characters.

Images via Design Taxi

Lego Hadron Collider: if you step on the “God particle” it hurts…

A 1:50 scale model of the Large Hadron Collider’s Atlas Detector. In Legos. Yes.

Some fun facts – the guy behind it wanted Lego to embrace the project, producing it as a kit…

“The raw materials required to the build the LHC model cost about EUR 2,000, funded by the high energy physics group to promote alternative ways of learning.

The company that builds lego bricks (trademarked in capitals as LEGO) has so far not reacted to Professor Mehlhase’s proposal to build the model.”


Perhaps this is why:

“The model is made of 9,500 lego bricks and is about 1:50 in scale. There is no construction manual yet, but there will soon be one, he says on his website. The model is very intricate, even showing the innermost pixel detector.”

There’s a gallery of construction pictures and stuff here.
It was created by the University of Copenhagen, Via thenextweb

2011 in Legos

It’s that time of year again. The time when we wrap things up, reflect, and write lists.

I’ll put together my mega 2011 in the next day or so. But in the meantime. Here’s a Flickr Set from The Guardian compiling newsworthy events in Lego.

Rupert Murdoch cops a pie.

The Occupy Protests

The Situation Room – the day Obama got Osama.

The casual pepper spray cop.

Steve Jobs


Inked up Lego minifigs look tough.

These tattooed lego men are a brilliant piece of advertising for a fine point pen.

Via 22 Words.

The Mystery of the Giant Lego Man and his Lego Army

This chalk painting is pretty amazing. Am I right?

And is apparently a response to the re-emergence of Ego Leonard (wiki), the giant floating lego man who has washed up on beaches around the world. Most recently in the US.

It is possible that the chalk artist is the man behind the giant. The newspaper running this story didn’t really like the old “artist uses a mysterious giant lego man to sell stuff” trick. But it’s fine by me.

Here, lest any mystery be left unsolved, is the drawing behind that magical chalk art.

Via BoingBoing

Expand your LEGO horizons with Rebrickable

I have no idea what set numbers our family’s lego collection contains. But as I start investing in a Lego collection for my own children (it’s not too early, right?) I’ll be keeping tabs on Rebrickable – which calculates what sets you can form using the sets you own. It’s like getting a whole new spaceship. You can also get schematics for user generated constructions.

You can make stuff like this Lego Gundam (a Japanese transformer type robot). You’ll need 501 pieces, spread across 155 varieties of part. But it looks doable.

A day in the life of a Lego Man

There were two moments that I smiled in this video, and one that I chuckled. It’s a nice little ad though…

Lego Godfather: An offer you can’t refuse

Luca sleeps with the fishes.

Those are from AT94’s Cinematic Set on Flickr.

There’s a whole pool of mafia themed legos. Awesome sauce.

Arrested Development: Now in Lego…

This is a Lego set I’d buy. If it were real. It’s not.

More in artist Pepa Quin’s Flickr. These are going to be displayed at Brickworld 2011. The coolest Lego show this year.

Lego head will solve your storage dilemmas

I love Lego. That’s like saying “I love air.” It’s obvious. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody who doesn’t love Lego. If you’re looking to spruce up your in house storage options you could do worse than getting hold of one of these Lego head containers.

It’s almost worth it, just for this photo. Imagine what people would say if this was your Facebook profile.

A piece offering: guy makes stuff out of Lego

Ahh. Lego. If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to when it comes to parenting. It’s playing with lego.

I’m sure somebody mathematically minded could figure out some sort of equation for the number of possible combinations for these 58 pieces of Lego.

This guy made 50 thingos.

Like these:

Check out the whole lot on Google+

Escher in Legos: blocktical illusions?

What happens if you take famous optical illusion artworks and build them. With Lego.

Say you wanted to turn Escher’s Relativity, which looks like this…

Into a lego based photo. Well. I won’t leave you hanging. It would look like this:

Andrew Lipton and his BFF Daniel Shiu have made a batch of these. Worth checking out.