A lightbulb moment: Let there be (environmentally friendly) light

I love this little design project from Mirscher’traxler and I’m wondering how hard it would be to copy at home…

The start of this project was a focus on light sources.
Instead of completely designing a newly shaped lamp, ‘Relumine’ plays on the fact that we all have to switch from old light bulbs to new energy saving light sources.

Each ‘Relumine’ uses two, discarded lamps, which are disassembled, sanded, newly lacquered and adapted with newer technology, before they are connected by a glass tube which holds a fluorescent tube.
By introducing a different mean of light source to the old lamps, their look and feel changes completely. They become one new unit, each with its own character.
Together these two lamps need less energy than each one in its previous life.

Light relief: a film clip made using long exposure photography

This is an incredibly incredible use of long exposure light art photography. None of the light paintings are done in post production.