Uncaught, bear handed

How do you thwart a high-tech security system that analyses your fingerprints. In a school. Because all schools need fingerprint scanners… at least according to a school in New South Wales. You stick gummy bears on your fingers.

Yes. Apparently gummy bears can foil most fingerprint scanners. Exciting, no?

From the scientific study of gummy fingers and biometric security systems:

“We also pointed out that artificial fingers can be made not only of silicone but also of gelatin, and examined 11 types of fingerprint systems whether or not they accept the gummy fingers. Consequently, all of these systems accepted the gummy fingers all in their enrollment procedures and also with the rather higher probability in theirverification procedures. The results are enough for us to see evidence that artificial fingers can be accepted by commercial fingerprint systems. The objection will no doubt be raised that it is very difficult to take an impression of the live finger from a legitimate user without the cooperation of her/him. Therefore, we demonstrated that the gummy fingers made from residual fingerprints can be accepted by all of the 11 systems. “

How zit

This is from possibly the most disturbing website I’ve ever come across. It’s a site dedicated to the art of popping zits. Because it is an art.

It’s quite disturbing.

What’s more disturbing is that there’s a confectionery product designed for people who pop their zits, and want to eat them too

You can pick up some boogers too

Pac-ing on the calories

So you’ve always wanted your own Pacman action figure – only to realise that an action figure based on three quarters of a 2D circle isn’t really all the much fun. But lollies are always fun especially Pacman lollies. Especially these Pacman lollies.