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The mobile generation

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I may or may not be allowed to talk about Robyn’s school and things that she tells me. But I thought this was pretty crazy.

We were talking about this last night – and a timely study has revealed children are now getting their first mobile phone at eight in the UK.

A certain teacher I know had to write a note home to parents asking them not to call their children on their mobiles during class time.

I’m all for children having mobile phones. That’s great. Provided they’re not just using them to send naked pictures to each other like the Herald keeps pointing out. I’m no luddite. My kiddies will have their own mobile phones and Facebook pages at birth. That way I’ll be able to keep tabs on them. That’s probably an exaggeration. But calling them while they’re at school? In class? No way. How embarrassing for the kid who gets a call from his mum during spelling:

Kid: Hi mum
Mum: Hi kid, did you remember to brush your teeth this morning.
Kid: Yes mum, I did remember to brush my teeth this morning.
Mum: Good, just checking.
Kid: I really don’t know why you needed to call me to talk to me about it.
Mum: Just checking up because I care. I love you.
Kid: (mumbling) I love you too.
Mum: What was that? Speak up son.
Kid: I love you mum.
Entire class: laughter, teasing, poking, prodding…bullying.

Why would you inflict that on your child? Seriously.

I’m really not qualified to give parenting advice. But parents. Don’t try this at home.

Plus there’s the disruption to the rest of the class. I think that’s the point of this teacher’s objections.