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Mario in real life (again)

Ok. So I’ve posted a billion videos like this before, and real life Mario videos have been disappointing since the Super Mario Bros movie. But this is kinda cool.

I don’t remember Mario having a handgun though.

If Mario’s story was modern and based in reality

There’s a slight language warning on this one…

Mario Kart on real life streets

An enterprising soul has painted Mario Kart symbols on a bike path in Portland. Hilarity, and Mario power-ups, ensued.

Via here.

In other Mario related news, it appears that Bowser, the franchise’s dragon/turtle villain – may have actually (though accidentally) been based on a real (but thankfully now extinct) animal.

Here’s Bowser. Note the similarities.

Via here.

Super Mario Origins

Ever wondered how Mario got his name? No? Well now you know, a real estate baron in Seattle is an undercover 8-bit plumber.

Mario A. Segale, real estate developer, was indeed the namesake of Nintendo’s Mario character, and he was indeed the landlord of Nintendo’s Tukwila, Washington warehouse in 1981 when employees of the then very small Nintendo of America named the protagonist in Donkey Kong after him. Many details beyond that still remain in the realm of speculation and will remain so unless the parties involved talk to the press in more detail (and reporters do their part by reporting it accurately).

This is what he looked like in high school.


You know this thanks to this rather detailed Technologizer article.

Cartoons in real life

Ben posts Peanuts comics on Thursdays. They’re a fun reminder of days flicking through Snoopy comics and playing the Snoopy Game on the Amiga.

Well, this post should excite him greatly – a real life Charlie Brown – courtesy of a Mr Tim O’Brien – who produced this for an exhibition entitled “Monsters”. It’s great.

Another artist name Pixeloo – or whose site is named Pixeloo – has put together a bunch of “real life” cartoon (and game) characters… they’re kind of freaky.

YouTube Twosday – wherefore art though Mario

Here are two Super Mario inspired videos along a similar theme – what would happen if Mario appeared in real life (and not in a terrible, terrible, movie version…)

The first takes a real life Mario (played by a human) into an 8 bit society (made from cardboard).

While the second takes the real Mario onto the streets. It’s worth a watch – especially from about a minute in.

Warp Whistle
by MatthewDominick