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Post-it Mario Bros

Got an office morale problem? Solve it with a little team bonding exercise involving post-it notes and a dash of 8-bit inspired enthusiasm.

Staff from a Seattle Digital Solutions company called Filter put this window homage to the original Super Mario Bros together in their spare time. It’s the entirety of level 1-1.

Apparently it’s the escalation of some sort of inter-office post-it tit-for-tat.

Mario says happy Friday to St. Eutychus readers…

Dear readers,

Here’s a little video from Mario courtesy of Fiverr.

Thanks for reading.

X-Things: popular icons from my childhood in the theme of X-Men

X-Muppets and X-Mario. How cool would those franchises be if their characters had mutant super powers.

Muppets first.

And Mario.

That one is part of a series.

Anti-Mario Propaganda: Maybe he’s not so Super after all

Video games are a victor’s history. We never think of life from the perspective of the poor goombas Mario squishes. How would you like it if a fat plumber jumped on your head?

What Bowser and his mercenary army needs is better PR. And the best type of PR is propaganda. Fro Design have had a go at producing some anti-Mario propaganda posters, and I have to say, my eyes have been opened.

Musical score – the sheet music for Mario’s coin grab

Da-doiiing. That’s my onomatopoeic attempt at making the sound Mario makes (in the original Super Mario Bros) when he picks up a coin.

If you’re more interested in accurate musical representations, I have a special treat for you. The sheet music.

Amy sent me this… It’s from tumblr somewhere.

Minimalist Game Characters

A handy visual guide to game characters – provided you can identify them. From a Flickr user called Lishoffs.

You can buy it as a print here.
This operating system icons as Batman villains design (by Lishoffs) is also pretty clever.

If Super Mario were a First Person Shooter

It would, one thinks, be safe to assume that one of the two following situations may occur in the future (perhaps May 2012):

a) The internet will run out of novel ways to reinterpret and present Super Mario Bros.

b) I will stop being interested in videos related to the Mario Bros franchise.

Until such time as one of those becomes true… enjoy.

If Mario’s story was modern and based in reality

There’s a slight language warning on this one…

Mario hits the wall: Super Mario Bros from start to finish projected on an outdoor wall

This is extremely clever and well produced.

Super Mario Bros. from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

There’s also a making of video.

Super Mario Bros. on a Sidewalk – Making Of from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

Found via ChurchCreate.

Mario redubbed with realistic sounds

This is odd.

Exploded diagrams of popular 8-Bit game characters

These are pretty cool. Designing a world beating game character now seems surprisingly easy… thanks to Chris Kuma’s exploded schematics of your favourite game character from the 80s and 90s.

A cappella Mario

This is kind of clever. There are a couple of plot holes – like Mario dies while powered up by the star. But still. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Mario: This is your life

Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto recently gave a tell all (almost) interview about the character Mario. The guys at ChurchCreate put some bits of the interview into nice graphics that you should totally check out.

You’ll learn all sorts of intereting bits and pieces about the mustachioed plumber.

Miyamoto made an interesting point about Mario’s development alongside the Nintendo platform from pre-NES days to the Wii.

“When we create games, the gamer really is the main character. In that regard it may not really matter who the main character is onscreen. But you know, Mario is someone who has become very familiar and I think it is that people are comfortable with becoming Mario.”

Mario really has grown and changed and evolved with the evolution of digital technology. The new technology is fresh and exciting and the next thing you know it becomes familiar and Mario follows that. He’s a familiar character, but he is also fresh because he is always doing new things based on what the technology allows him to do.”

Via ChurchCreate.

Angry Birds: Genus genius

I like.

From Flickr, via Kottke.org a while back

I also like these (from the same Flick(sta)r… zero-lives.

Mario Kart on real life streets

An enterprising soul has painted Mario Kart symbols on a bike path in Portland. Hilarity, and Mario power-ups, ensued.

Via here.

In other Mario related news, it appears that Bowser, the franchise’s dragon/turtle villain – may have actually (though accidentally) been based on a real (but thankfully now extinct) animal.

Here’s Bowser. Note the similarities.

Via here.