Money for nothing

Some people come up with really good ideas for earning money using the internet. Like the guy who sold the world (I bought Liberia but it seems this site has shut down since).


This guy is one of them.

He stands to make $US66,795 (and get a year’s supply of t-shirts) by wearing people’s shirts. And blogging/videoing the experience. Here’s the description: 

“Everyday in 2009 is for sale!! January 1 is $1 and each day goes up a buck until December 31 at $365. Want me to wear a shirt to promote the launch of your company? Want an interesting way to wish you friend Happy Birthday? You are free to buy any day(s) throughout the year. If you want to buy multiple days, email me.”

I was alerted to this site by my relative, and sometime blog reader, Martin Howard’s Facebook status. He’s got today. US time. The 20th of February. To promote his book on subliminal marketing. Which I haven’t read, but it’s genetically predisposed to being good.

Unfortunately, when it comes to booking your shirt space all the cheap seats are gone – he’s sold every slot until September.