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Mexican Americans

Well, the Mexican entries seem to have dried up. If you want to enter this amazing competition, in order to win a not so amazing Mexican prize – then please email me your Mexican man by tomorrow. Then I’ll throw open some sort of voting process, and announce a winner next week sometime.

If you haven’t entered the competition because you’re worried that the man, who you don’t know, might not approve, then let me soothe your conscience with these two emails that I received this week. The first is from the guy who asked me to “make him a Mexican” the second is from the Mexican man’s wife.

“This has been the funniest set of events that I have ever experienced! The face behind the burrito and the naked guy laying in the pile of Doritos is priceless. Keep sending me updates. All of my colleagues are getting kicks out of this.”

I am the guy’s wife and this is hilarious!!!! A job well done by you and your friends. Thanks for making us laugh.”

Here’s the guy we’re Mexicanising.

If you’ve made a Mexican and don’t know how to submit it – send me an email to the gmail address linked in the header.

The “Make me a Mexican” Challenge

Ok. So yesterday I posted about how I’d received a misdirected email with this photo and the words “make him a Mexican”…

Not knowing the original sender, or the guy in question, but being a helpful soul I complied. And I asked for further submissions. This post will serve to store all sch submissions (I’ve also asked my Facebook friends to help). Feel free to pass this on to everybody you know. I want as many Mexican photos of this guy as I can get, and I’ll eventually send the link to the guy who sent me the photo.

These three are examples of how easy making a Mexican is. All three have simply googled “Mexican Man” and stuck the guy’s head in the picture. This was Robyn’s first go at Photoshopping (well it was GIMP actually). You can do whatever you want. Use MS Paint. Just give him a Mexican flavour.

I will conjure up some sort of Mexican prize for the best.

1. From Therese (who used the same image and approach as me, though with tidier edges and a less fu manchu moustache)

2. From Robyn

3. From Ben

4. Another one from Ben.

5. And another one from Ben.

6. And another one from Ben.

7. Simone went for an artistic approach.

8. And a passport.

9. I had a couple more goes. Including two Doritos versions

10. And an old Mexican man in Black and White.

11. Here’s one from Andrew.