That last post. Yep. The one about Taxidermied animals. That was post number 5,000 on this ‘ere little corner of the Internet. I’m pretty proud of that effort. I’ve been going, according to a date calculator thing, for five years, four months and twenty days (1968 days). And in that time I’ve averaged 2.5 posts a day.

I’ve known my blog for longer than I’ve known my wife.

To celebrate, I got hacked. Good and proper. By the Russian mob. Not just this site, but all the sites I manage. I think I’ve fixed it, possibly temporarily. After an almost all nighter. If you see anything amiss please get in touch with me. But in the meantime, I took those hackers. And I THREW THEM ON THE GROUND.


This is the 2000th post on this blog. That’s impressive by any measure.

217 of these have been about Christianity.
98 have been about coffee.
291 have been about communication.
337 have been about culture.
90 have been about sport.
619 have been curious things from around the internet.
648 have been about life in the Campbell household.
35 have been links from my Google Reader (since I changed the category they went in to)
And 30 have been me trying to get a photo out of Nigerian scammers.

You might notice that doesn’t add up to 2,000. That’s because some categories overlap.

118 of these posts were made in 2006
90 were made in 2007
258 were made in 2008
1534 were made this year.

So humble reader – have you got a favourite? Have you never commented before? Use this as an opportunity to tell me what it is you’d like to see more of around these parts.

Oh, and check out my very first ever post in its original context

Oh yeah, and I’ve used 4,010 tags and received 3,879 comments.

57 comments came from Simone.
252 from Stuss.
359 from Leah.
310 from Amy.
61 from Ben.
39 from Mark.

I’ve made 512.

If you want to know how many you’ve made – let me know.


Monday was my blog’s third birthday.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my arrival in Townsville.

Friday is the third anniversary of Cyclone and my first day at work.

I was hoping to have my 1000th post done on Friday – and I’ve got about 40 posts to go – so expect a bit of filler.

A lot has happened in my life in that time – so I have much to be thankful for. Particularly my wife.

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