Tetris is my favourite timewaster. Minesweeper used to be. So you’ll forgive me for never having time to blog here again now that I’ve discovered Tetrisweeper.

The instructions are in a foreign tongue – but here are the controls.

Shift + click to highlight a mine.
Click to clear squares.
W to rotate.
A to go < - d to go ->
s to go V

Tetris pieces become squares on the minesweeper board.

If (boring) games were movies…

We’ve all seen what happens when popular games become movies. Like Hitman. And Doom. And Super Mario Bros. They never live up to the hype.

Crap games*. Or not particularly complex games. Make for awesomeness.

*These games are not technically crap.

Walking the coffee minefield

So, you’ve decked out your house with a “Microsoft Windows Game Pack” chic. And you’re looking for the perfect coffee machine to complement the solitaire wall display and FreeCell kitchen bench top.

Well, here you go. A dangerous looking coffee machine that’s set to explode onto the home coffee scene.

I was going to make this post one of those lists of “ten cool ___ designs” posts – but that will have to wait. I have bigger fish to fry today and blogging is likely to be sporadic at best. Again.