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I am Robot

Admit it. You’ve always looked at Dr Evil with envy because of Mini Me. I know I have. A little me running around doing my bidding would be awesome. Especially if the “mini me” was every bit as funny as I am. And if they looked, and sounded, like me that would be extra awesome.

Well, your own army of robot minions is no longer an unattainable dream. Little Island, A Japanese company, is producing them upon request. No idea what it costs though. But here are the specs:

We produce the Look a Like Doll with the hand making.

The Look a Like Doll is able to make a speech in the person’s voice.

It is possible to talk over from the remote place to
the person who exists completely in front of the Look a Like Doll,
and to monitor it.

It is possible to use it as only LAN cable is connected with
the power cable, and the setting doesn’t exist.

The operation only turns on the power on/off switch and is OK.
Please call when you end, “Shutdown”. ”


Voice recognition
It is possible to operate the Look a Like Doll using Voice recognition.

Voice synthesis
The Look a Like Doll synthesize the person’s voice, and it talks using the voice.

Remote Control
It talks from the destination with the person who exists completely in front of
the Look a Like Doll.
The appearance in the room etc. can be seen.

RSS reading out
The Look a Like Doll will tell you Today’s weather and fortune-telling, etc.


We will make Look a Like Dall for the customer’s hoped design.
The height is about 40cm.

LX800(500MHz)(AMD Geode)
80GB Solid State Disk
10/100Base-TX Ethernet


Power Supply
AC100-240V 1.2A

Camera:0.1M pixel CMOS sensor