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Biographies of cool people from history as pictogram flowcharts

These are phenomenally cool. No. Really. The coolest minimalist pictogram biographies of famous people you’ll see tonight.

From H-57 (this is their Typodesign page)

This one involves Napoleon’s palindromic holiday on Elba (Able was I, ere I saw Elba).


Darth Vader

Bruce Lee


Michael Jackson

And my favourite, Jesus.

Philosophies as minimalist posters

Minimalism is one of my favourite design and communication philosophies. You wouldn’t necessarily know it from reading my blog, I know. But I love simplicity. And clarity. And the clarity that comes from simplicity. Getting complexity into simplicity and maintaining clarity is the holy grail of communication.

Anyway. Here are some posters. About philosophical worldviews. And they’re as minimalist as it gets. And they’re nice. The series is tagged “posters explaining complex philosophical theories through basic shapes.

They’re posters from Genis Carreras, you can check them out/buy them here.

Tumblrweed: Minimalist Movie Posters #54

I’ve posted heaps of Minimalist Movie posters in these parts in the past. Here’s a Tumblr devoted to providing more every day.

Some samples.

There are heaps. Check ’em out.

Comic holidays

These retro styled tourism posters for fictional cities are nice.


… and Gotham

Minimalist Doctors

These Doctor Who posters are cool.

There are 11 in the set (that’s the first six doctors in the image above).