Sweet sound

Perhaps you like your music sugar coated (2 U2 posts in 2 days?). Perhaps you like crisp sound. Perhaps you like Eminem. If any of these options could in any way be stretched to include you – then have I got a product for you…

That’s right. M&M headphones. That are actually for sale. And with the exchange rate being what it is you’ve got no excuse not to buy a bundle… from bookofjoe.

F&Fs the chocolate for asymmetrical people

If like┬áme you believe M&Ms are the superior candied chocolate snack you’ll be delighted to know you can now order your very own customised M&M. Maybe you’ve always been put off by your problem with symmetrical letters? Don’t like the “m” try F&Fs. Or a photo. Or a nice little chocolate candied sized message. Discovered thanks to Boing Boing.

UPDATE: It appears you have to phone them to get shipping to Australia rather than order online.

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