moon song

Like the moon? How bout a mattress/pillow combo

If, like me, you like the moon… though possibly not as much as these guys:

Then you should throw out your bed, and your pillows, and get one of these glow in the dark monstrosities and get up close and personal with your own personal moons.

Like the moon it glows at night, so it will keep you tide. Get it. Because the moon makes the tides happen… the patterns on the pillow are based on a hi-res composite of moon photography. So it’s as close to the real deal as you’ll get unless you’re an astronaut. And even then you’ll only get as far as a desert in Texas.

Via Design Bloom.

An ode to the moon

And while I’m on the subject of posting YouTube versions of web animations I’ve enjoyed over the years, here is Moon Song by the Spongmonkies.

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