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Musical Mormons

The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have always had a soft spot for Mormons. Because lets face it. There’s comedy to be had in people who wear magic undergarments and believe all sorts of funny supernatural stuff. They made a musical. A Broadway Musical. And one of the songs was performed at the Tony Awards this week.

I felt a little uncomfortable at the idea of ridiculing about 30% of the things Mormons believe. I felt like the song was having a dig at all Christians. And then I thought about it. While Mormons are theists who embrace the God of the Bible, they’re also an incredibly wacky and dangerous cult. And it’s right to ridicule some of their beliefs so that people steer clear of them. I can’t understand why anybody who is not an incredibly patriotic American falls for Mormon theology. Though I’d like to believe I get my own planet. So maybe that’s it.