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Tumblrweed: Moustair

Your Mo Dummy…

From Etsy. So that babies can participate in Movember or something…

The Trustworthiness of beards: A sliding scale

Some beards good. Other beards bad.

At the moment I’m hovering around “Questionable” and I always will. Because my mo won’t grow.

From PopChartLab.

Shirt of the day: Going Mo Wear

Get this one and file it in your wardrobe for next movember.

Via Threadless.

Typographic moustaches

If you want to make a type-face and need a good type-moustache here’s a handy guide to the moustaches produced by flipping the curly brackets ({) from popular fonts.

From here. You can buy it as a poster.

Pencil moustache

Can you balance a pen between your lip and your nose?

If you answered “yes” to that question then these might come in handy.

Stache your drinks somewere special

Perhaps like me you suffer from an inferiority complex because you can’t grow a moustache – probably not if you’re female – here’s something that will help me, and those of my hirsutely challenged ilk… A nice clip-on moustache for your drink bottle, so that whenever a drink is pressed to your lips you feel properly manly.

Shirt of the Day: 22 January

Available here. Just $US15.95. Fuzzy Ink – the site in question – seems strangely dedicated to promoting the moustache all year round – not just in Movember.