Great mo-ments in mo-vies :{

Possibly the most important series of movie remakes you’ll see this Movember. So important I felt the need to use an e-mo-ticon.

Great Moments in Movie History… with moustaches: Cast Away from sween on Vimeo.

Great Moments in Movie History… with moustaches: A Few Good Men from sween on Vimeo.

Great Moments in Movie History… with moustaches: Jerry Maguire from sween on Vimeo.

I can’t grow a mo – but my friend Mike can. You should sponsor him.

How to do Movember

As someone who can’t grow a moustache, no matter how hard I try, I think Movember is follicism, or whatever the hair version of an ism is.

But. It’s for a good cause. So I’m willing to suck it up.

Here are some tips for those of you going the mo.

If there’s anybody out there who wants a cheap plug for your sponsorship page – share it in the comments.

Mo money, mo problems

Are you Movembering? I would if I could. But I can’t. My mo don’t grow. This year I even tried growing it a month in advance.

And that’s the results…

Which is a shame. Because Movember is awesome. This is what internet activism and awareness raising should look like. Not some stupid innuendo based “secret” campaign.

So, instead of calling for people to donate to my Movember efforts – I’m encouraging you to donate to my friend Paul’s efforts. Plus, he has a ranga mo – so he needs all the support he can get…

I love the marketing campaigns and stuff springing up around Movember.

And especially these pictures, which were what mo-tivated me to write this post to begin with.

Moustaches make a difference…

These, and more, via Scary Ideas.

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