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Anna blogs LOTR

Anna at Goannatree sat through a Lord of the Rings marathon yesterday. She blogged it.

Check out the series. It’s good.

I propose a Godfather marathon before we leave Townsville – anyone interested?

Here are the links and intro paragraphs as they appear in the final post.

Seeing Lord of the Rings in a new light

The hearts of men are easily corrupted¬†History became legend, and legend became mythOn this inimical Scottish day,¬† with seven others, I have embarked on a Lord of the Rings maratho…more

Lord of the Rings Marathon Post #2
For those who have asked – we are watching the British extended edition. Apparently the only difference to the US version are the Easter eggs (the UK version doesn’t contain the Jack Black parody f…more

Lord of the Rings Marathon Post #3: On Saruman v Voldemort

So things are getting really interesting – 1.5 movies down! We are halfway through Two Towers. There have been walking trees and lots of ugly folk and the people (like Frodo and Gandalf) who die bu…more

Lord of the Rings Marathon Post # 4: The Logic of Merry

The closer I am to danger the further I am from harmThis is one of Merry’s aphorisms in Two Towers. It is a corker and it’s strange logic is worth teasing out. The harm of which Merry speaks cannot…more

Lord of the Rings Marathon #5: The endurance of the battle and a little humour

My marathon enduring abilities are somewhat less than they used to be but I am hanging in there – proud to say that I’ve seen all thus far.A friend informed me that he has not only done a LOTR mara…more