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Thoughts on filibusters

The other day in the NSW parliament the Greens played a game that either was an incredible waste of tax payers money and a deliberate attempt to undermine democracy, or a brilliant piece of gamesmanship.

A Green spoke for almost 6 hours. Straight. One speech. He talked about dragons. He was hoping time would run out on a decision, or that the government would have to cut off debate so that they could then accuse the government of being undemocratic.

It’s called a filibuster. Which is a cool word. It’s a bit like a losing football (soccer) team keeping the ball to waste time when the score is 4-0. Trying to minimise damage.

The government put a halt to things. I would too if I had to listen to any politician talk for longer than an hour.


I thought of a new word at lunch time.

Sinnercism: n

An attitude assuming that another is behaving sinfully.

Sinnercal: adj.

Believing that another is intending to, or about to, act sinfully.

walldrop number 4

Thank you for your message.  People often write to us about words they have devised, and I am afraid our response is very dull.  Before we can even think about drafting a dicttionary entry for a new word, we need a large body of published evidence showing that it has been in widespread and sustained use over a period of at least five years.  We are slow to add words to the full Oxford English Dictionary Online, because once added they are never deleted.

You can read more about what is involved at http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq (see ‘Will you put in my new word?’ in the Dictionaries section).  I shall certainly record your contribution in our files, but cannot promise that it will result in an entry.

Margot Charlton

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