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Real Life Ninja Turtle

When I get home today I might turn our two turtles into Leonardo and Donatello.

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For the hoodielums

If you fancy a bit or reptilian martial arts this January but need a target to direct your renaissance inspired ire towards… then why not buy an unfriend this Shredder hoodie and then proceed to kung-fu the Christmas overindulgence out of them.

Shredder Jumper Ninja Turtles


Minifigs are great. Especially knitted ones. But if you don’t want to order a customised minifig from brickarms for your A-Team Lego movie you may have to build Mr T piece by piece…

Like this…

There are heaps of these on Flickr.

Including ninja turtles…

Comic book characters…

And transformers…

YouTube Tuesday: Teenage Mutant Cyborg Turtle

Ninja Turtles have all the fun.

I’ve been tracking the story of Simone and her frisky dog. If you haven’t been – then you should. She took him to the vet the other day. The same day we sent our little Rosie to the vet for the first time. I’d never sent an animal to the vet before, but I think it was the most expensive five minutes of my life – and I wasn’t there. We sent her with my in-laws.

The vet told them that we’d already cured said turtle of her fungal infection by the power of betadine. Hooray for us. And then he charged us $50.

This little turtle had significantly greater problems… he lost his legs, so they replaced them with little plastic bits that slide along the floor.

Teenage Mutant Siamese Turtles

I’ve seen a few pictures floating around the interwebs of this siamese turtle…

It looked like a photoshop job. So I googled it. And it’s not.

It’s rare, but thanks to the Internet – all too common.

A pet shop even purchased a siamese turtle a couple of years ago to keep on display – and there’s this YouTube video too…

Lucky nobody gave them a set of nun chucks and a bo staff – that would have been majorly problematic to synchronise.

YouTube Toosday: Real Life Ninja Turtle

Real life ninja turtles are popping up all over the internet. The latest is this ninja who purposefully got himself caught by a fishing family – just so he could teach them a lesson.

Ninja turtle

One of our pet turtles has a severe case of ninjavitis. He thinks he’s a ninja. I won’t show him this photo…

Found here.