Ninjafy your wall

Shurikens make for awesome home decorating. They’re cooler if you throw them at the wall and they stick in – but these “coat hooks” are pretty cool.

“The Ninja Coat Hooks look will transform your hallway into the scene of a Shanghai back street stand-off. Each metal Ninja Coat Hook has one corner cleverly engineered into a screw, which allows you to fix securely to your wall or door, whilst making it look like it has been hurled from the hands of a deadly Ninjitsu assassin.”

Now with ninjas

I’ve often mentioned my love for ninjas. This site just got more awesome thanks to “ninjafy”. You may notice a little button in the column on the left that says “ninjafy”… press it. I dare you. Be warned – ninjas are coming at you. 

Is there anything that could make this site more awesome? I doubt it. The more times you press it the more ninjas you get.

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