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The Executive Colouring In Book

I shared this on Twitter a while back, but forgot to blog it. How remiss of me. A colouring in book for the executive types. A great way to kickstart your career, or at least to catalyse it. Buzz words that render the difference between sentences essentially meaningless are another part of this process.

It is pretty excellent, and there are more pages here (including evidence that it is a real book, or at least a convincing fake).

Calendar with stigmata attached

It’s 2009 AD – that’s Anno Domini – the year of our Lord. You probably know this, others may need constant reminding – which is why you should install this calendar in your office cubicle. It’ll no doubt be a great tool for office evangelism – or for ruling right angles/architectural drawings.

A mug’s game

Do you work in an office? Are you sick of going to get your daily caffeine fix from the dripulator and finding – or rather not finding – your mug. Your pride and joy – perhaps a Dilbert mug with an insightful commentary on office life… Usually it’s because a colleague has pinched it.

Well, with this bad boy the joke is on them. Or the contents of your mug will be if they’re not paying attention. And let’s face it, that’s probably why they pinched it to begin with…