Stuff White People Date

Online dating service Ok Cupid has a blog. A lot of users. And truckloads of data on those users. They also have a pretty gifted statistician/interpreter who makes that blog one of the most interesting things online.

This post explores the preferences of various racial groups, collated from the data on public profiles and presents it in little interactive graphics. I’ve included the white people graphics as images for your viewing pleasure, but the post itself is worth a read.

As for the interests of white women, you have romance novels, some country music, and a broad selection of Good Housekeeping type stuff. It’s also amazing the extent to which their list shows a pastoral or rural self-mythology: bonfires, boating, horseback riding, thunderstorms. I remind you that OkCupid’s user base is almost all in large cities, where to one degree or another, if you find yourself doing much of any of these things, civilization has come to an end.

If I had to choose over-arching themes for white people’s lists, for men, I’d go with “frat house” and for women, “escapism.” Whether one begot the other is a question I’ll leave to the reader.

White Men:

White Women: