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Ok Go in automobile rube goldberg film clip

Just when you thought these guys couldn’t get much cooler, or more elaborate, with their film clips…

OK Go make colourful Sesame St video

These guys do viral musical videos like nobody else.

OK Go’s latest clipstravaganza: Now with extra toast

OK Go make the best film clips. By a long way. If I had to list the top three film clips of all time they’d have the top three spots… this is amazing.

Last Leaf

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

I can’t go past this video

You’ve no doubt seen the new OK Go Rube Goldberg music video by now. If not, here it is…

Watching it yesterday on Amy’s blog I was skeptical about its origins. I thought it might be a bunch of videos stiched together or some sort of CGI. But it appears to be legit.

Here’s the story behind the film clip on Wired.