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Melonus Prime: why transforming your food is ok

So you were told not to play with your food as a kid. We all were. I still get told not to play with my food now. And I’m no longer a kid.

But I thumb my nose at all those naysayers (except my wife. I won’t thumb my nose at her. I’d get in trouble).

Because the proof, as they say, is in the watermelon sculpting.

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first time I’ve featured watermelon carving (there’s a second time too). Or Optimus Prime carving for that matter. I guess it’s true what they say. They being Qohelet, the writer of Ecclesiastes. There is nothing new under the sun. Though that Optimus Prime link wouldn’t do so well under the sun, given he’s made of ice.

That melon prime was featured first (where I saw it anyway) at That’s Nerdalicious.

Prime Ice

If I were an ice sculptor, a talented ice sculptor, I don’t know how high on the list I’d put “carve a giant autobot” – but having seen this, it’d be up there.

From here.

Steampunk Prime

What if Optimus Prime hit earth before the combustion engine was invented. He’d be a steam train of course.

This guy from Encline Designs makes custom Transformers and other toys. Pretty awesome.

YouTube Tuesday (almost): Balloon alien robot

Optimus Prime in balloon sculpture greatness. Need I say more…

Someone already made my shirt…

There’s nothing new under the sun

They don’t have Optimus Prime though

Oh well. Voting for getting my shirt designed will open if/when Threadless approves it…

Optimus Time

This is perhaps the coolest fancy dress costume since the last Transformers costume I posted

Shirt of the Day: Robots in bad disguise

I would possibly buy this. If I was allowed to buy novelty T-shirts.

Speakers in disguise

I don’t want these. They’re tacky. But you know, if you’re putting together a Transformer themed bedroom – or a Transformer case mod they might come in handy.

If you do want Optimus Prime speakers you should get em here


Minifigs are great. Especially knitted ones. But if you don’t want to order a customised minifig from brickarms for your A-Team Lego movie you may have to build Mr T piece by piece…

Like this…

There are heaps of these on Flickr.

Including ninja turtles…

Comic book characters…

And transformers…

Prime ice

Transform your walk in freezer with one of these bad boys… an Optimus Prime ice sculpture. Everybody needs one of those… from Flickr.


We’ve had Optima Prime, and the Obamicon, but now fusion. Bringing two cool things together. Obama and Optimus Prime. I give you “Obamaprime – Change Into A Robot” a poster by Tim Doyle. It has sold out. But it’s awesome.

Optima Prime

The words “Cool” and “Transformers T-Shirt” and “ASCII Art” were never destined to be included in the same sentence. Until now. This is the second time I’ve made an Optimus Prime pun inspired post. You can buy this shirt for $14US. I know I want one.