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The beginners guide to taking over the world – foreword to the foreword

It’s a sad morning this morning. The last offering of “our daily Fred” until they release their next catalogue.

It’s been nice having a series of posts in the pipeline appearing once a day. I like that it makes me (or at least my post rate) look a little more prolific.

Coincidentally I’ve recently been putting all my eggs into one basket – or rather, all my documents onto one hard drive, and I came across a document I wrote some time ago… before I had a blog even… that I would like to share with you all. Piece by piece. I’ll be putting it up unedited – in the confidence that it’s as timeless as any mediocre self help book.

Starting with the next post. There’ll be 12 in total. Which will pad out my postings for the next week… or next 11 (today excluded) days to be precise. But who’s counting?