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Package deal

Coffee tasters love finding nuanced flavours in bean varieties – and they can at times seem a stretch… other times they can punch you in the face. There’s a particular bean I like that tastes almost exclusively like blueberry.

Square Mile Coffee are a roaster/cafe of some repute – with involvement from a couple of previous World Barista Champions – they label their coffee with a tag cloud to demonstrate different flavour notes in their beans. I like it. It’s clever. Particularly this underlying idea – that didn’t get off the ground (yet).

We did have an idea of a microsite that allowed customers to input their cupping notes into the site to constantly update a swirling live tag cloud of the espresso. Crowd sourcing descriptors seemed like fun! However that probably won’t happen as the cloud would only really become useful when enough people enter data and at that point the espresso would be close to the end of its run as a seasonal blend.