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Paper thin argument

The CEO of a paper company has called on people to print everything. Paperless offices kill the economy. Or something. This is why the Tobacco industry pays lobbyists to make egregious claims. You just look self interested and stupid when you come out telling people they need to use your product when a better alternative exists. You need a third party to do that for you.

John Williams, the president and chief executive officer of the Montreal-based fine-paper and pulp company, says the “think before you print” messages are “just bull” and he wants people to feel better about using paper responsibly.

“There is an appropriate use for paper. You should feel comfortable to use it appropriately and you shouldn’t be feeling there is some environmental negative when you use it,” Mr. Williams said at a news conference Monday.

“People do not have to feel guilty about using paper to print.”

Replace the word “paper” with “alcohol” and the word “print” with “drive” and you get some idea just how silly and selfish this campaign is.

Free paper, plain

Mmm. Free paper. A tasty calorie free treat.

Advertised uses include making paper hornets (or wasps in Australia), chewing gum disposal, phone number collection, bookmarking, or “a tasty snack”…

Will fly further than a paper plain

Yes pedant, I know I plain appears to be spelt wrong.

A couple of years ago at a work team retreat we were challenged to make a piece of paper travel the furthest. Many people made paper planes. That was the trainer’s intention. I made a paper ball and threw it over the roof of the training centre. I’ve always been one for trying to subvert psychobabble filled training sessions.

Why am I telling you this? Well, paper planes have been the dominant paper projectile for too long. Balls of paper are all the rage.

If I bothered to hand write much, or chuck out any notes, then this would be the notepad for me. The paper is not “plain” – get it? I am sure you do.

It’s designed by a Dutch design mob called Trapped in Suburbia – and you can buy the notepads direct

Advanced Origami

This is quite incredible – a series of pictures essentially folded into sheets of paper.