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Sad: “Who is Paul McCartney” trends on Twitter during Grammies…

Umm. Wow. Last year some people were shocked when Arcade Fire won a Grammy off the back of their amazing album The Suburbs. That was depressing.

This is worse.

More, with a not so slight language warning, on the buzzfeed page dedicated to documenting this heinous crime against music.

P.S. Paul McCartney was, of course, the bass player in Wings.

Is West the new McCartney

One wonders how rumours of the demise of celebrities spread and conspiracy theories were hatched prior to the internet. I’m pretty surprised by the heights reached by the McCartney theory, and we have our own present day equivalent. Kanye West is apparently dead. And autotune is being used to cover this up…

The rapper’s next release, “Love Lockdown,” displayed a major idiosyncrasy. No rapping is audible, only auto-tuned singing, which is supposedly the Viking symbol of death.

Then came the rapper’s latest album: 808s and Heartbreak, with even more auto-tune.

Twitter is abuzz with #ripkanye buzz – which is what Twitter does best.