pc v mac

Stuff “Christ Followers” like…

On the one hand these videos are really funny and poke legitimate fun at “bumper sticker” Christian sub-culture.

On the other hand, they’re pretty dumb and based on the pursuit of the Holy Grail of Christian authenticity. The “Christ Follower” totally listens to U2… he even says so… in the third video.

Both extremes are dumb… just as they are when it comes to the Mac v PC ads being spoofed – as this SMH article so humourously points out

I hope the video is actually mocking both ideas – but I get the impression it’s pushing people to define themselves as “Christ followers” rather than Christians, as though the label is so loaded with negative ideas that it needs replacing. I end up feeling just as frustrated by both of them.

When you boil it down, both Macs and PCs are computers, and both the characters in these videos are sinners forgiven through the work of Jesus.

Besides there’s nothing more fake than the relentless pursuit of authenticity.


I’ve now had my iPhone for two months. More than enough time to get used to it and post some useful reflections…

The iPhone is the most beautiful piece of gadgetry I’ve ever owned. In fact, I’d go further and say it’s the most beautiful piece of gadgetry my family has ever owned (and there have been lots of bits of gadgetry, and now my mum and little sister number 3 have them too)…

It’s interface is typical of Mac stuff – user friendly though slightly idiosyncratic. I like it. The form factor is elegant, my desire not to scratch it is greater than the desire I’ve felt with anything else – so much so that I forked out $17.95 for what’s essentially a rubber sleeve.

The best bit about the iPhone (other than the nice touch interface which plays a significant role in making every thing good) is the applications. And there are bucket loads… actually, having said that I’m reconsidering – wifi is also sensationally useful…

The worst bit is that I don’t get to play with it much at home – because my wife monopolises it.

I think, given that I’m in need of blog fodder for this blog off, that I might reflect on individual categories of applications – utilities, education, games, and miscellaneous – in separate upcoming posts.