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Tumblrweed: This Charming Charlie (Smiths + Peanuts)

A Tumblr dedicated to remixing Peanuts strips with Smiths lyrics.

A sample…

Tumblrweed: 3eanuts

Gary found/posted this gem. 3eanuts. Peanuts cartoons with the third panel removed leaving the characters in some sort of existential crisis where the punchline has no joke. Reminiscent of Garfield minus Garfield, and incredibly brilliant.

Love it.

Musical Peanuts

I know Ben has a bit of a thing for posting Peanuts Comics. But there’s no monopoly on ideas in the blogosphere… is there?

And I like this one (found here). I think it explains my fixation with Radiohead.

And this tangentially related piece of street art is also pretty cool and postworthy.

Via this tumblog.

Traces of peanuts

Peanut Batter

A gentleman in the United States has taken it upon himself to collate the win loss record for Charlie Brown’s baseball team. If you’ve ever read the comics you’d expect it to be pretty bleak. And it is. But not as bleak as it could be – the statistician is only willing to count games where a result was specifically mentioned.


Cartoons in real life

Ben posts Peanuts comics on Thursdays. They’re a fun reminder of days flicking through Snoopy comics and playing the Snoopy Game on the Amiga.

Well, this post should excite him greatly – a real life Charlie Brown – courtesy of a Mr Tim O’Brien – who produced this for an exhibition entitled “Monsters”. It’s great.

Another artist name Pixeloo – or whose site is named Pixeloo – has put together a bunch of “real life” cartoon (and game) characters… they’re kind of freaky.

May contain traces of Peanuts

What would you get if Peanuts was drawn by Sin City’s Frank Miller? Something like this. Probably.