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Noise reducing toilet stool

Tired of hearing your significant other “falling” from such great heights. Would you like to reduce the noise associated with your visits to the water closet? It would no doubt make phone conversations while on the toilet less awkward. You definitely need, note – not want, one of these kneeling stools (if you don’t want to spend your hard earned you could just pinch one from an Anglican Church somewhere).

You could sit, but not only is that unbecoming a man, you also risk splashing the rim. Enter the Pee Without Noise stool. Kneeling on its soft cushions positions you at the exact right height to land your stream in the bowl at a much-reduced velocity and volume level. This simple, elegant tool could save your dignity, your relationship, or even your life (if there’s a robber in the house but you just have to go)!

What I love is the subtle use of the colour yellow in the marketing… and the angel’s oddly phallic wand.