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Phoenix sinking: Real life super hero arrested, unmasked…

Phoenix Jones has been featured here before. He’s a Real Life Super Hero in Seattle. This bio is fun reading.

He was arrested last night for assault (he claims he was breaking up a fight with pepper spray). Sadly, despite speculation, he is not Mark Driscoll. He is, however, an MMA fighter named Benjamin Fodor.

Here’s one of his four fights, on YouTube (contains mixed martial arts).

I can’t figure out how he gets his hair in the costume…

More on Real Life Superheroes

I continue my fascination with the sort of psychological make up that leads people to don spandex, leather, and bulletproof vests to patrol the streets as super heroes. This article has done nothing to convince me to put an end to such fascination, but nor does it make me think the heroes in question are even remotely sane.

Here is Phoenix Jones. I’ve posted about him before. He’s still alive, which is possibly miraculous.

This story covers a meeting of Real Life Superheroes in Washington around Comic Con. It is pretty amazing stuff.

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