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Paranoid Pianoid

Ahh. Another week. Another Paranoid Android cover. This must surely be one of YouTube’s favourite songs.

This time it’s on duelling pianos. My friend Adam shared it on Facebook. And he knows his pianos.

Flight of the Valkyries: Piano jam

Pretty cool – there’s a bigger piano jam featuring Lang Lang (a Chinese piano prodigy/superstar) on YouTube, but it’s almost unwatchable because someone shot it on a shaky mobile phone camera.

Musical table

Want a piano but don’t know where to fit it? Hide it in your dining table.

Via likecool, designed by Georg Bohle.

It makes your dining table singalongs a whole lot more classy.

Rhapsody in iPhone

I thought having two iPhones was excessive – check out what this guy can do with six.

Via Human3rror

The Piano Man

Adam, a friend from Brisbane just won a piano competition. A biggish one (as much as I can tell about piano competitions) and the reaction on Facebook from our mutual friends.

There’s a streaming thing where you can watch his performance in the heats. And probably the semis and the final as well.

Now that the Australian Festival of Chamber Music is over I’m clearly lacking in cultural content on this page – so here it is. For your viewing pleasure.

2 - 09 - Adam Herd
2 – 09 – Adam Herd