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The cost of anti-piracy success

The recording industry is notoriously harsh on music pirates. They’ve pursued individuals with almost no sense of mercy or having a punishment that fits the crime (I’m not condoning piracy here – I think creative people are worth their keep). And it’s little wonder when you read a factoid like this, about the Recording Industry Association of America’s legal costs when compared to their “wins”:

“…they [the RIAA] spent around $64,000,000 in legal and investigative expenses to recover around $1,361,000.”

That’s throwing good money after bad.

Secret network costs book publishers billions

There’s a big furore going on over the cost of eBooks now that Apple has entered the marketplace. Amazon is fighting a big publisher, Apple is wanting to charge $15 a book. It’s the neverending story.

Ebooks present all sorts of opportunities for pirates – and new law suit opportunities for publishers and distributors.

But there’s a more serious game afoot that is costing publishers billions in lost book sale revenues every year.

Apparently there are these buildings operating in most cities where you can just borrow these books for free.

These so called “libraries” are running right under our noses – often under the auspices of governments. What’s with that. This blogger has a calculation of the loss publishers face (in the US alone) if these organisations are able to continue unchecked.

Go To Hellman has computed that publishers could be losing sales opportunities totaling over $100 Billion per year, losses which extend back to at least the year 2000. These lost sales dwarf the online piracy reported yesterday, and indeed, even the global book publishing business itself.