Shirt of the Day: Pi(rate) Chart

Brilliant. For a bit of pirate chatter/an explanation/product details check out the post on the blog.

Sadly shirts aren’t available all year round, almost worth subscribing just in case it comes up again.

Before I die: I’d like to make some cool interactive art like this

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Take one abandoned building. Paint it with blackboard paint. Provide chalk. And a prompter for discussing a serious issue. Record the responses. And you have modern art.

If people are answering truthfully – and there’s really no reason to lie in a forum like this – then it’s an interesting insight into what people care about.

I wonder if responses change based on the socio-economic demographic of the location. I assume so.

I’m not sure why there’s a pirate here. Or what he’s writing. “Tried for pi…”

More info about the project at Candy Chang.

Pirate Keyboard will leave you umming and rrring

This is a nice minimalist keyboard for pirates – from Flickr.

Full of hot air

The pirate v ninja debate always seems stupid to me. Ninjas could take down a Somali pirate quicker than a US Army sniper could say whatever it is they say before pulling the trigger. But if you have persistently insistent friends you can shut them up with this inflatable duelling pirate and ninja set. Found here.