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A bit of pong at the traffic lights

Waiting at traffic lights is dead time. This little installation art/retro gaming homage is pretty cool…

Ping Pong Robot…

One day I will have a robot servant. Even if all he does is play table tennis with me…

And he won’t just one of these boring robots who serves the ball and nothing else…

No. He’ll be a fully functional opponent (this gets impressive at about 2:36… well, it’s impressive the whole way through…)

Legends of the Joystick: The post-retirement lives of characters from your favourite games

Nobody plays Frogger anymore. Even less people are likely to play pong. At least you can probably get Frogger on the iPhone… So what happens to the characters from these games when they’re put on the shelf to rot. They get old. And become irrelevant.

Legends of the Joystick takes a trip down memory lane with some conversations with the original stars of the gaming world. Like Frogger, the 2 Pacs, Mario, and the paddles from Pong.

Eight more here.

Almost Shirt of the Day: Pong

A pongy shirt generally is in need of a good wash (or in some sad cases ala my black t-shirt a throw out). This one on the other hand is full of table tennisy/pong goodness. It’s also from glennz.com.

3D pong

This is a beautifully rendered version of the classic computer game pong – well, actually, it’s a 3D rendering of a 2D rendering of a 3D game – that is to say it’s just Table Tennis – with a table designed to look like Pong. Confused? Well check it out – it’s from this guy

YouTube Tuesday – The A-Rodd edition

I’m thoroughly enjoying watching Andy Roddick demolish Djokovic at the moment. I’m a big fan of the A-Rodd – so I thought I’d share some of his brilliant moments shilling American Express… he’s one of those guys who’s able to laugh at himself which is somewhat refreshing in a professional sports star – although tennis seems to be full of guys like that with Tsonga, Federer, and Djokovic all able to turn their frowns upside down.